Mek-ics is the only manufacturer of ventilators in Korea, leading Asia and the world top 5 in ICU. Mek has a rich set of ICU products: ventilator, monitor, ICU System, SpO2

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Distributor in Vietnam

An Sinh Medical is the exclusive distributor of Mek-ics ICU products in Vietnam. With a team of well-trained engineers at the manufacturer, An Sinh is committed to providing the best after-sales services for all Mek-ics products including: Breathing apparatus, Patient monitor, ICU center…

An Sinh Introduction

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Technology on Mek-ics ventilator

High-class components

Sensor, sensor and air compressor are imported from USA and Switzerland

Versatile, high performance

Mek’s ventilator breathes from birth to adult, integrated in one device

Breakthrough technology

Mek-ics has many technology patents such as HFV high frequency compressed air compression tubin

Competitive price

Mek is the original manufacturer, integrating many features in one device so the best price

List of breathing apparatus for MEK-ICS

High frequency fixed ventilator MV2000

High-performance, versatile ventilator series. With the Model
MV MV2000 EVO 5 advanced breathing apparatus
MV Fixed ventilator MV2000 EVO 2
+ Breathing from newborn to adult
+ High HFV breathing (optional)
+ Cai automatic mechanical ventilation without withdrawal of breathing
+ Calibrating and testing the machine with Smart software on the PC

máy thở di động 3 trong 1 mtv1000

3 in 1 mobile ventilator MTV1000

+ Series of multifunctional, durable and competitive price breathing machines
+ Breathing CPAP, BiPAP and Breathing modes of fixed machine
⚡ Dedicated to an ambulance
⚡ Use instead of a fixed ventilator in the Hospital
⚡ Use at home


CPAP, BiPAP and HFT700 high flow ventilators

⚡ The most modern and advanced product on high flow oxygen
Ni OmniOx HFT700 provides a comprehensive 4-in-1 solution
+ HFNC high flow oxygen treatment and automatic FiO2 control
+ Breathing non-invasive CPAP, BiPAP
+ Integrated warmers, humidifiers
+ Sensor heart rate monitor, SpO2

máy thở cpap bipap HFT 500

HFT500 high flow ventilators

⚡ The product with all functions required for High Flow therapy
+ Patient care is possible with simple application change according to the patient’s condition
+The product capable of High-Flow, humidification / heating, FiO2 setting, respiratory rate, pulse rate & SpO2 measurement simultaneously
+Through the electric oxygen blending technology, it is possible to supply stable and constant oxygen as much as the set value
+ By monitoring the patient’s respiratory rate and SpO2 and S / F Ratio, it is possible to respond quickly to changes in the patient’s condition


Many other features from the Mek-ics ventilator

Installation pictures, use

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Mek-ics engineer training

máy thở cố định tại bệnh viện nhi thanh hóa

Thanh Hoa Children’s Hospital

máy thở di động tại bệnh viện đa khoa nam sài gòn

Saigon South General Hospital

máy thở di động tại bệnh viện hợp lực thanh hóa

Hop Luc International Hospital

máy thở cố định cao tần tại bệnh viện nhi thanh hóa

Thanh Hoa General Hospital

máy thở cao tần tại bệnh viện sản nhi bắc ninh

Bac Ninh Maternity Hospital

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The North: 16/176 Le Trong Tan – Q. Thanh Xuan – TP. Hanoi.
Central Region: 296, Hai Thuong Lan Ong – P. Quang Thang -TP. Thanh Hoa.
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